Ana Ferreira

Ana Ferreira

Ana is the founder and CEO of b_create.

Prior to b_create, Ana worked as a consultant at Deloitte, where she developed a keen ability to actively listen, engage and collaborate with people and companies from many different industries. She developed the talent for quickly identifying a client’s core needs and expectations and then inspiring and leading the team to deliver the best technology solutions.

At the age of 28, together with a colleague from Deloitte,  Ana founded a consultancy company where she headed the development unit, and was responsible for the implementation of several tailor-made industry specific applications, some in partnership with Outsystems.

What captivates Ana  is helping men and women to take a leap, challenging others to take a chance to build something of lasting significance, and then putting in place  the technology and processes  to make it happen. 

Ana holds a degree in Information Systems from Minho University (Braga-Portugal). 

In her free time, she adores practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong. She loves family time and developing meaningful friendships. Nature, travel and photography are also an important part of her balance.

Ana’s favourite drinking experience:

“I love a nice glass of red. I love the whole experience, from carefully selecting the bottle, to the familiar sound of the cork popping, and, finally, after a good swirl in the glass, having a good, satisfying taste.

Wine is a comfort after a long, hard day at work and the perfect finishing touch to the dinner you prepared for your friends at home. Add some pleasant music, a cozy fireplace and you might just want to stay there for days…

Especially In late autumn and winter, there’s a special variety of grape that I particularly enjoy: the Syrah.”

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