Your product development platform

Your product development platform

At a glance

b_create is a product development platform designed for wine, spirits, beers & beverages companies.

b_create organizes, integrates and streamlines the entire product development lifecycle. Since the idea or requirements definition till the product goes to market, we empower teams to work together to deliver better and faster products.

Accelerate drinks to market, improve quality and reduce product costs

  • Project full visibility (by brand, market, client, channel and other criteria)
  • Process automation and faster time to market
  • Up to date, real time information for better decisions and process improvement
  • Clear, efficient communication and information transparency
  • Precise specifications and validations for procurement and production
  • Aggregated component demand for precise negotiations with suppliers
  • Facilitates internal and external audits
  • One stop solution - product record, files, samples, quality procedures, compliance review and validations in one single repository
  • Seamless integration with key existing systems (ERP and others)
  • More time for innovation and work that makes a change


Every single feature of the platform was carefully  thought and designed to help you develop and market your products, easier, faster and better. From smart forms to powerful workflows, b_create was built to agile your work, making it more efficient and effortless.

b_create can be hosted on your company servers or on the cloud, for easy installation and access no matter where you or your partners are. So, no need for complex roll outs or maintenance programs.

Easily connect to key existing systems (ERP and others). Collect and organize all the relevant data from your existing systems into a one stop product management hub.

b_create is a responsive web application and can be used from any device: desktop, smarphone, tablet or laptop.

Clear product proposals

Begin with a proposal, for any product you need, whether it’s a new idea, pack refresh, line extension, special request, new release, regulation compliance or other.

Input information about product characteristics, components (both dry goods and liquid), export countries, and other. You can clone projects or reference existing products in the proposal, for faster filling.

Once submitted, the workflow takes charge and the project starts.

Dynamic project files

Project information will be updated with input from all the product team, as the workflow moves forward.  You can manage internal workflow steps or include also interaction with external stakeholders, as suppliers, distributors, clients, creative agencies or others. 

Stay instantly informed on projects progress versus plan, thanks to real-time notifications. 

Identify points of attention with meaningful reporting,  for corrective actions and time saving.

Best-in-class workflows. Customized to your needs

b_create features a built-in workflow engine which allows you to create any process you need.

Every organisation is unique, but good practices are universal, so we bring in a wealth of experience to build the best workflows for your ways of working and project requirements.

b_create reflects your developments flow and automates every bit of information for clear insights, timely and informed decision making.

Activity notifications are integrated with your Email so you can quickly access them, on any device.

Accurate product components

Specify, integrate and validate all the dry goods and liquid requirements for your products.

Reuse components from existing products for an effortlessly definition of the bill of materials.

Automate notifications for export markets specific requirements.

Everyone on the same page

b_create simplifies your product information management by gathering and centralizing data from different people and databases in a one-stop information access.

b_create keeps everyone informed with  real time notifications and ready to take actions where and when necessary.

Efficient samples management

Through the samples module, you can record and track all the liquid samples you need: for contests, clients, laboratory and others.

Each type of sample can be connected to a workflow so you can keep track on updates and versions.

Keep costs and P&L under tight control

b_create integrates costs and sales forecasts to create profitability scenarios, and build plans with confidence.

You can look at financial forecasts through different perspectives: product, exporting country, client or distributor.

Insightfull and dynamic dashboards

Gain full visibility of your developement projects and make informed decisions.  

You can monitor all your projects in real time, tracking all the aspects of your product development at every and any level:  product, brand, market, client, channel, you name it!

Every step, every bit of information is designed to be insightful through meaningful dashboards, ready to be used from any desktop or mobile device.

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