Keeping our businesses up and running during COVID-19

Today, like many of you, we are taking wide-ranging measures to protect the health of our staff, our families and our communities. We changed our office routine to have the team work remotely from their homes and we are doing everything we can to ensure business continuity for our clients.

In these challenging times, we can’t simply shut down. People need goods and services and we need to continue to help our employees and our partners to earn their livelihood. This means we have to find new ways to work.
Whether at large companies or small, working from home and from different offices we need now – more than ever – to adapt and be flexible.

Remote work can be much more effective if your staff has the right tools to collaborate, regardless of where they are. But not only your team needs to work and communicate internally. You also need to keep other stakeholders like your clients, distributors and suppliers in the loop.   
We want to help you to stay connected, share information and keep working across time zones and borders.

Take advantage of our collaboration features such as task notifications, project status updates, integrated chat and file sharing.
You can add external stakeholders to your workflows and bring in outside agencies, creatives, distributors, clients and other business partners. All your workflow members will be notified when a task is added, changed or completed. All your validations, approvals and updates will be online in real-time.
Give your teams and partners a single, central place for project updates and a new platform to work effectively together.

If you want to know more about how we can help, we are happy to show you some practical examples for your specific situation.
Let us help you keep your business organized, on track and on schedule.

At b_create, we believe that challenging times like these can push us to be the best versions of ourselves. Life and work must go on and we are here to work with our clients to make sure they do.