Ouvir, Repensar e Agir: Desafios do Vinho

Nos dias 26 e 27 de Março estaremos num vivo e intenso debate sobre os (muitos) desafios das empresas vitivinícolas. Sob o mote “Ouvir, Repensar e Agir”, iremos partilhar experiências aos mais diversos níveis. A transformação digital será certamente um deles.

Welcome, 2021.

As we move forward in 2021, transformational change will be even more significant. Agile practices will rise in every area of business development, and rapid automation is a critical component to efficiency, innovation and teamwork. Companies that lay the foundation for effective, collaborative, digital processes with strategic collaborators as part of their culture will be prepared and overcome the many challenges you know and those you don’t!

Parras Wines Innovates with Technology, Quality and a Nose for Your New Tastes and Habits

We love wine.  Just as we love music, a warm ray of sunshine and sitting by a cozy fireplace on a chilly, winter evening. Wine provides us a sense of calmness and serenity. The global crisis has made us all think deeply about what matters to us. And wine has proven to be essential to people
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You can knock over the glass but not spill the wine…

The new social and economic environment created by Covid-19 is accelerating dramatic changes on what and how consumers buy. The habits of a generation have changed in a matter of weeks. This is a pivotal moment for companies. A time to think smartly and creatively about how you develop, market and deliver your products.

Learning & Tips in Wines Product Development

Recent events reminded me of an article I wrote last July. At the time I noted, “rather than waiting for a crisis to happen, perhaps anticipating improvements is the best way forward”. Of course, I could not imagine then the scope and dimension of what we face today.