Abegoaria Group: an integrated, disciplined and managed perspective of product development

Abegoaria desarrollo de productos

Abegoaria is one of the biggest wine groups in Portugal, consisting of 15 companies and a wide portfolio of wines, olive oil and food products, adding up to more than 300 SKU’s. With 10 different production sites and factories, they produce over 20 million liters of wine per year, exported through more than 60 brands to 40 countries.

The management of a growing portfolio in a global competitive ecosystem, subject to a volatile and complex legislation, and the coordination of geographically dispersed teams were key factors in the decision to adopt b_create as the one-stop platform to Abegoaria’s product development and management.

Abegoaria and b_create teams worked together in a challenging project to realign processes, integrate spread product information, and ensure that the teams start to develop and manage their products, from idea to market, in one single collaborative platform, constantly updated.

“With the multiplicity of production sites owned by Abegoaria, as well as the multiplicity of projects launched by each producer, aligning the multidisciplinary teams is vital so that the development of new projects is fast, smooth and effective and the ability to keep track of each project status is a reality.

b_create is our centralizing and collaborative platform through which each area contributes in a confident and integrative way to the final result, and it helped us to have that integrated, organized and manageable vision of every stage of each project.”
Manuel Bio Abegoaria
Manuel Bio
Abegoaria CEO