Our Story

from Porto, Portugal.

Our journey begins in the heart of Portugal’s Wine Country, where some of the finest wines in the world are produced. Porto is our home and where and why our business platform was created here.

“After years of travel working in global consultancy, a common question clients related over and over again is how to develop consumer products seamlessly and get different groups in the system to work together naturally and engagingly as a team. Intrigued by this for years, I looked around and set to work on developing a Technology Platform exclusively for our neighboring Wine Industry.”

In 2017, we created b_create, the first and only collaborative product development and management platform exclusively for the wine industry.

Working closely in collaboration with Portugal’s finest wine companies gave us an unprecedented level of access and experience on all levels of product development and management. It gave us the opportunity to solve their unique problems with our unique capabilities and inventive solutions.

With out trademark agility built into our platform,  our reputation at home gave us the authenticity, security, and respect to expand far beyond our borders. Today, we help global wine & beverage companies around the world control their product development processes; and enable them to work across time zones and borders, with built-in and customized tools to innovate and grow, competitively and successfully.

Leadership Team

We enhance best practices through real-time activity to get to a Client’s best productivity.
We are as concerned for their positive growth in their metrics as we are in tracking our own.

Ana Ferreira

Founder & CEO

Jorge Pereira


Paula Garcez

Paula Garcêz

QA Manager

Anibal Alves

Aníbal Alves

VP of Engineering

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