Aníbal Alves


Aníbal Alves

Aníbal yearns to constantly overcome new obstacles by challenging his knowledge. Being a computer enthusiast, he holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computers from ISEP in Porto.

To express his individuality, he embraces mechanics and music as part of  his daily life, leading his knowledge to another level in this area.

Aníbal’s favourite drinking experience:

“I am a big fan of Whisky. Each brand has a peculiar smell and taste. I am particularly fond of a glass of whisky with no ice, mixed with a few drops of water to reveal its flavour. 

Whisky motivates some deep inspiring thoughts about modelling ideas, leading me one step further into the future. When poured into the glass, it makes a pleasant prelude. Whisky brings the purest joy and wisdom when drinking with dear ones at special times, dignifying such a refined drink with such a meticulous and careful preparation.”