Jorge Pereira

Jorge Pereira

Jorge is the CTO of b_create.

He holds a MSC in Computer Science from New University of Lisbon with a final mark of 19 / 20.

Since his graduation Jorge has worked as an IT Consultant, first at PwC, then Deloitte and finally KPMG. He joined b_create to put in practice a decade of Consulting experience with over 30 clients across Portugal, Spain, Angola, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.

In his free time Jorge enjoys reading self-development books, morning jogs, trying out new restaurants, travelling to new countries, watching TED talks and performing volunteer work.

Jorge’s favourite drinking experience:

“Definitely Gin. Whilst it took me a while to get acquainted to its bitterness I became fond of a glass of gin-n-tonic with orange zest and lime peel at the end of the week sitting at my balcony, reflecting on what I have achieved and on what’s coming for myself and my team.”