Adega Mayor chooses b_create platform to support their innovation and sustainability journey

Adega Mayor

b_create is a product development and management platform designed specifically for the wine and beverage industry. It distinguishes itself from other project management platforms because it isn’t only specializes in product development, but also includes best practices, features and ready-to-use workflows that streamline the specific business of wine and beverage companies.

b_create is constantly evolving and is updated in partnership with our customers and partners around the world, helping us to adapt the platform, increasingly and better, to the needs, trends and changes that happen (constantly) in this Industry.

It is a great privilege to share Adega Mayor‘s testimony of why we were the chosen technology partner for its journey of innovation, development and responsible growth. Adega Mayor surprises and inspires us every day with its creativity, motivation and excellence to do more and better. As a team, we share the desire to grow and do things differently, to contribute to the responsible development of new and better products.

Thank you so much Rita Nabeiro and the entire team at Adega Mayor. We are very proud of this Mayor Partnership!

“Our choice for b_create was essentially due to the fact that we recognized three differentiating aspects in the solution: its robustness, its adequacy to the reality of our industry and our operation and, finally, the vision of continuous improvement materialized in this platform.

Concretely, b_create showed a performance that seemed more robust from the point of view of navigability and interaction. It then capitalizes on the fact that it is a native platform of our industry, responding to the various needs we have from a procedural and compliance point of view and, finally, we feel a great readiness to attend to specificities and even to integrate them as part of the evolution of the platform itself.

An additional note for people: being a technological solution, it's important to underline the dimension of proximity, availability and professionalism that we receive from the entire b_create team.”
Rita Nabeiro - Adega Mayor
Rita Nabeiro
Adega Mayor CEO