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Your product development platform

Be more Agile in Your Business

Success for wine and beverage companies is a 24/7 challenge that demands intense collaboration to deliver timely product lines, new editions and customizations while staying on top of shifting regulations.

Every company is unique but best practices are universal. We bring a broad scope of global experience, for best-in-class functionalities, metrics and workflows, to help you produce now into the future.





Benefit from a dynamic, centralized platform with industry best
practices and improved
processes to measure
quality, product performance and deliver products fast.

Create a collaborative framework and bring in different stakeholders on the same page, across time zones and borders.

Keep everyone aligned on tasks and responsibilities.

Configure your workflows along with your ways of working and streamline the entire flow of information.

Build quality, reliability, sustainability and process control into every part of the product lifecycle.

Monitor tasks progress, deadlines and time to market. Keep a complete audit trail of your product components (raw materials and liquid).  

Maintain a complete history of projects linked to your product portfolio.

Modules and Functionalities


  • Idea specification

  • Marketing context

  • Materials brainstorming

  • Costs simulation

  • Artwork review process

  • Financial forecasts

  • Product prototype

  • Idea approval process

  • File management


  • Product request

  • BOM and liquid association

  • Export countries & regulation

  • Clone of projects

  • Automatic vintages

  • Multi -language technical sheet

  • Financial forecasts

  • Activity monitoring

  • File management

COMPONENTS: Bill of Materials & Liquid

  • Component request 

  • Technical file

  • Activity monitoring

  • Certificates and approvals

  • Component life-cycle

  • Associated costs

  • File management


  • Sample request

  • Technical file 

  • Shipping countries & legislation

  • Sample versioning

  • Activity monitoring 

  • Associated costs 

  • Feedback record (score, awards, client feedback)

  • File management


  • Dynamic tasks creation and assignation

  • Calendar, board and list view

  • Recurring tasks lists

  • Filters by role, team, user, status, type, due date, project, country and other criteria

  • Overall view of everyone’s capacity

  • Option to drill into tasks for more info


  • Built-in workflow engine

  • Workflow design and association to: types of projects, materials, countries and other options

  • Possibility to design a stage-gate process

  • Association of activities to users, groups or departments

  • Each user is notified by email when the project progresses with a description of the work to do

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