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Success for wine and beverage companies is a very demanding challenge that requires intense collaboration to deliver timely product lines, new editions and customizations while staying on top of shifting regulations.

Every company is unique but best practices are universal. We bring a broad scope of global experience, for best-in-class functionalities, metrics and workflows, to help you produce now into the future.






Benefit from a dynamic, centralized platform with industry best
practices and improved
processes to measure
quality, product performance and deliver products fast.

Create a collaborative framework and bring in different stakeholders on the same page, across time zones and borders.

Keep everyone aligned on tasks and responsibilities.

Configure your workflows along with your ways of working and streamline the entire flow of information.

Build quality, reliability, sustainability and process control into every part of the product lifecycle.

Monitor tasks progress, deadlines and time to market. Keep a complete audit trail of your product components (rpackaging and liquid).  

Maintain a complete history of projects linked to your product portfolio.

Our Clients Work Better Together with b_create

“Before adopting  b_create, there was no updated information of ongoing projects and estimated completion dates.  Information was gathered mainly by e-mail and phone, which often caused errors and management problems.

After adopting b_create, we have project end-to-end visibility, tasks traceability and planning information, greatly due to the platform’s workflow. It allows collaborative work through which every team member is required to input the corresponding information. Thanks to the b_create platform, there was a significant reduction of errors.”

Joaquim Mota | Project Manager, Esporão

“b_create allowed us to improve decision making when creating new products. It provides financial and profitability analyses from an early stage of product ideation and the possibility to validate and test each and every packaging material. The tasks flow makes the process much faster and minimizes the chances of errors.

The b_create platform allows every group and department to have full visibility into what’s happening with new product development in the company.” 

André Correia | Planning & Operations Manager, Symington 

Modules and Functionalities

The b_create platform allows teams to collaborate quickly and easily on every aspect of product development and management, from ideation and new product development, through specifying and tracking product requirements, to validating quality and compliance, every step of the way.


How can companies go beyond gathering and discussing ideas, to properly evaluating them and bring everyone together to put them into practice, on budget, on-time and in compliance?


Build an innovation pipeline enriched with collaboration and insights from different stakeholders across your organization. Whether your goal is new products, incremental improvements to existing products, customizations or other product introductions, b_create allows you to manage the entire ideation process of a new product, specyfing, brainstorming and budgeting your product ideas.

  • Idea request

  • Idea file

  • Marketing, communication, and legal context 

  • Packaging brainstorming

  • Artwork review process

  • Costs simulations

  • Financial forecasts

  • Product prototype

  • Idea approval process

  • File management


Think of your product development and how many people have to be involved and on the same page: sales planning, stock, dry goods, liquid management, production, marketing, design, legal… how do they exchange data today and assure that this is accurate and up-to-date? How do you know where your projects are now, what has been done and what is needed?

The b_create platform helps you to integrate and streamline your product development projects, by clarifying team tasks and responsibilities, gathering and centralizing data into one single platform and drastically reducing time with data and project management, which is no longer a silo effort.

  • Product request

  • Project file

  • BOM (Bill of Materials) and liquid integration

  • Export countries & regulation compliance

  • Quality and sustainability requirements management

  • Project cloning

  • Automatic vintages

  • Project lifecycle

  • Product reports (digital dossier, fact sheet, audit report and others)

  • Financial forecasts

  • Logistics & shipping information

  • File management


Developing packaging involves many stakeholders and departments, from marketing and design to quality and production,  packaging providers, clients, agencies and others. The big challenge companies face is how to bring everyone on the same page, avoid data management mistakes and errors and keep an audit trail of everyone’s progress and overall resources.

b_create is a one-stop solution to every stakeholder in your packaging and liquid development, allowing them to collaborate along the entire process. Material requirements and artworks are clear for everyone and we bring process control into every part of the product and item lifecycle.

  • Component request

  • Material and liquid file

  • Art review

  • Certificates and approvals traceability

  • Tasks monitoring

  • Component lifecycle

  • Costs integration

  • Quality and sustainability requirements management

  • Legislation compliance

  • File management (images, data sheets, tests, certificates and other process documentation)


Wine and beverage companies often need to prepare and send samples to clients, challenges, trade fairs, tastings. They need to make sure these samples are in conformity with requirements and shipped on-time and in compliance. At the same time, they need to control versions, approvals, costs and feedback.

b_create allows you to maintain a complete history of your samples and capture all the information through their entire life-cycle, from request to shipment.

You can create custom workflows to match different types of sample and integrate your process stakeholder’s communication and feedback.

Easily navigate your samples portfolio and reuse information whenever needed. 


  • Sample request 

  • Sample file 

  • Logistics and shipping information

  • Sample versioning

  • Score, awards, general feedback

  • Costs integration

  • Legislation compliance

  • Activity monitoring

  • File management

Collaboration Tools

Create a collaborative framework and provide all stakeholders in your product development with a single, reliable platform, allowing them to work together along the entire process.


Design your own processes to set up and streamline the flow of information.

Implement and follow standard and critical procedures and improve productivity by reducing repetitive tasks.

Bring in different stakeholders on the same page, no matter where they are, and keep everyone aligned on tasks and responsibilities.

  • Built-in workflow engine

  • Different flows and configurations for different types of projects, packaging materials, countries and other options

  • Groups / user activities and assignments

  • Advanced configuration tools for acivity templates and integration with external systems

  • Stage-gate development process automation



Create, assign and organize ad-hoc tasks. Teams can see immediately what they need to do, which tasks are a priority, and when work is due.

Link work tasks to projects using our integrated task management. 

  • Ad hoc tasks

  • Calendar, board and list view

  • Recurring tasks lists

  • Activity data visualization by status, role, team, user,  type, due date, project, country and other criteria

  • Option to drill into tasks for more info



Create and manage conversations in context through our integrated chat.

Users can comment on activities and project requirements, send attachments for approval or feedback, leave comments on artworks and many other options.


Rely on automatic notifications throughout the process: reminders or alerts on actions, conversations, milestones and others.

Users are notified via the platform notifications system and email, with immediate and easy access to the task.

You get your weekly task summary directly in your inbox.


Collaboration and Agility Built-In

Collaboration with Integration guides the entire b_create platform and the result is product consistency and transparency. A product development and management platform that operates at peak productivity with collaborative communication built into the process.



b_create organizes and mends all disparate data so your product information's always up to date, immediately available to everyone, on the same page.


From a simple sequence of activities to a stage-gate-process, our workflow engine allows you to design your own processes into the platform.

User Friendly

With a modern and intuitive user interface, b_create has a quick learning curve and can be easily used by anyone in your organization.


b_create seamlessly integrates with your systems (ERP and others) to pick, fix and embed product data wherever it needs to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company works with different solutions: ERP, Project Management, Wine Cellar Management and others. How does b_create fit in such a portfolio?

b_create is a Product Development and Management Platform designed to manage a product from initial requirements as it is revised and released to the market.

An ERP works as a product repository and uses the product final data (that has been built through B.Create) to help you manage production resources and financials among other activities. b_create gathers product data for design and development, and your ERP collects product data for manufacture and sales transactions. So that each one can function at their best and pass product data back and forth there should be appropriate integration points between the two. This is valid for any other systems from where the product data can come from. 

b_create is your One-Stop Platform for all product information, regardless of where the different data is stored. It seamlessly integrates with your systems to pick, fix and embed product data wherever it needs to go. As products move from idea to market, b_create organizes and mends all disparate data so your product information’s always up to date, immediately available to everyone, on the same page. You provide all process stakeholders with the same version of the truth and bring process control into every part of the product lifecycle.

How does b_create differenciates from general Project Management or PLM solutions?

b_create is a product development and  management platform built for the wine & beverage industry

We provide a unique, central collaborative platform to manage all product requiements, packaging and liquid information, ensuring a single version of the truth to all process stakeholders.
As an industry-focused solution, we deliver built-in best practices throughout the platform, ready to accelerate wine and beverage manufacturers’ specific needs. We foster teams collaboration, integrate global supply chains and accelerate your product development, while lowering risks and costs, so you can bring your products to market on budget, on time and in compliance.
Our platform is constantly updated in collaboration with our global industry clients and partners, addressing and supporting their needs, sharing best practices and keeping a close eye on trends, shifts and evolutions.

How does b_create help with regulatory compliance?

b_create is a single source for product information, allowing you to track regulatory compliance as well as process documentation, best practices and other data that support product requirements. You can associate specific requirements, activities and stakeholders to different countries so that the platform will automatically trigger alerts and validation tasks througout the process.

How does b_create link packaging specs with quality & sustainability requirements?

The platform allows you to link business rules to your packaging specifications, helping you measure raw materials’ specific features against corporate quality and sustainability goals.
b_create issues packaging specs to different stakeholders in your packaging development processes, allowing your teams and external partners to work together, from prototype to the final product. You gain visibility over your material requirements and accurately track any item’s progress.

How does B.Ceate help to comply with quality regulations and standards?

b_create platform ensures that all product requirements, project changes and versions are properly recorded and all product information and files are fully visible  in one single system, easing collaboration and enabling your company to meet quality, sustainability and regulatory goals.
By providing information  visibility and  assigning  the right tasks to team members, b_create allows companies to quickly respond in case of any non-conformity alert and to track product requirements every step of the way.

We have workflows designed in other systems like Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Confluence. What added value is provided by b_create?

b_create covers all your product development and management processes: bringing a new product to market, renewing an existing product, introducing a product in a new market and others. For each case, the platform allows you to configure a different workflow, according to its specific requirements and complexity.

Each stakeholder is notified by email and within the platform to complete a task. Each task includes a customized form requiring and providing the information needed. B.Create has several built-in templates based on industry best practices. Each form  can integrate external data, rules, calculations, attachments and other information.

When a project stakeholder submits a workflow task, the project file is updated and the workflow progresses. Your teams will save a lot of time and minimize errors because B.Create platform provides reliable, updated business-specific information.

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