Bacalhôa brings process control and efficiency to their product development

Fabio Vieira - Bacalhoa Marketing Manager

One of the main issues (and challenges) that arise in product development is to understand how teams can work in a more collaborative and integrated way from the beginning of product development to market launch.

Product development is the core business of productive companies, and the trust generated by their brands is absolutely essential for their competitiveness and growth. b_create plays a crucial role in the capture, integration and availability of all product information throughout its life cycle, facilitating collaboration and iteration between all stakeholders, wherever they are.

We are very proud to share the testimony of our client Bacalhoa. Together, we have been improving and reinforcing efficiency and its ability to respond to the challenges of managing a growing product portfolio and ensuring compliance with increasingly demanding quality rules and legislation.

“As soon as I contacted b_create for the first time, I realized the potential for improvements that the platform could bring to the internal processes of the BACALHÔA Group.

The fact that it is focused on our sector and enables a greater integration of processes and data allows us to be more effective in the follow-up process in the development of our products, from its origin in the ideation to the launch in the market.

The choice to adopt and integrate the b_create platform into our day-to-day activities has the essential objective of facilitating internal communication between the different teams involved in the projects, from winemaking to the commercial, marketing, quality, production and purchasing department, avoiding possible communication failures throughout the process.

The fact that we are certified by the IFS Foods standard also requires strict control in the registration and compliance with food safety procedures, requirements that the platform has also simplified, integrating all the information in a single place and allowing its complete monitoring.

Facing the normal challenges inherent to the implementation of new work processes, it was crucial, at an early stage, to have all the monitoring and availability of the entire b_create team, which was always helpful when necessary.”
Fabio Vieira - Bacalhoa Group Portugal
Fábio Vieira
Bacalhôa Marketing Manager