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b_create platform integrates directly with many third-party applications and systems, namely your ERP, to help you connect your data.

b_create is a Product Development and Management Platform designed to manage a product from initial requirements as it is revised and released to the market.

An ERP works as a product repository and uses the product final data (that has been built through b_create) to help you manage production resources and financials among other activities. b_create gathers product data for design and development, and your ERP collects product data for manufacture and commercial transactions. So that each one can function at their best and pass product data back and forth there should be appropriate integration points between the two. This is valid for any other systems from where the product data can come from.

b_create is your One-Stop Platform for all product information, regardless of where the different data is stored. It seamlessly integrates with your systems to pick, fix and embed product data wherever it needs to go. As products move from idea to market, b_create organizes and mends all disparate data so your product information’s always up to date, immediately available to everyone, on the same page.

b_create is a product development and management platform built for the wine & beverage industry.

As an industry-focused solution, we deliver built-in best practices throughout the platform, ready to accelerate wine and beverage manufacturers’ specific needs. Our platform is constantly updated in collaboration with our global industry clients and partners, addressing and supporting their needs and keeping a close eye on trends, shifts and evolutions.

b_create is a single source for product information, allowing you to track regulatory compliance as well as process documentation, best practices and other data that supports your product requirements.

b_create platform ensures that all product requirements, project changes and versions are properly recorded and all product information and files are fully visible in one single system, easing collaboration and enabling your company to meet quality, sustainability and regulatory goals.

By providing information visibility and assigning the right tasks to team members, b_create allows companies to quickly respond in case of any non-conformity alert and to track product requirements every step of the way.

The platform allows you to link business rules to your packaging specifications, helping you measure raw materials’ specific features against corporate quality and sustainability goals.

b_create issues packaging specs to different stakeholders in your packaging development processes, allowing your teams and external partners to work together, from prototype to the final product.

b_create supports all your specific product development projects and workflows: new product, product change, client orders, exports and others. For each case, the platform allows you to configure a different workflow, according to its specific requirements and complexity.

During the workflow, each stakeholder is notified to complete a task that consists of a customized form to require and provide information. b_create has several built-in templates based on industry best practices. Each form can integrate external data, rules, calculations, attachments and other information.

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