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The b_create platform stands as the premier product development solution tailored exclusively for the wine and beverage industry.

Discover a suite of seamlessly integrated applications that simplify and accelerate product development while empowering teamwork and reducing data and project management time.

Our extensive global experience ensures you gain access to best-in-class functionalities, metrics, and workflows, enabling you to produce better and faster.
Product Development Job


How can companies go beyond gathering and discussing ideas, to properly evaluating them and bring everyone together to put them into practice, on budget, on-time and in compliance? Whether your goal is to create a new product, improve an existing product, customizations or other product introductions, b_create allows you to manage the entire ideation process, specyfing, brainstorming and budgeting your product ideas.

Share, brainstorm and budget
your product ideas

Upload all images and files into one single system.
Review designs and product requirements, gather and evaluate feedback from different departments to understand optimal product packaging and pricing.

Provide marketing, communication
and legal context

Review standards, quality and regulatory compliance before starting developing your products.

Ensure sales projections are on target for your new launch

Improve Forecasting with actionable Insights and hit strategic growth targets.

"b_create allowed us to improve decision making when creating new products. It provides financial and profitability analyses from an early stage of product ideation and the possibility to validate and test each and every packaging material."
André Correia | Planning & Operations Manager, Symington


Think of your product development and how many people have to be involved and on the same page: marketing, commercial, dry goods, liquid management, production, design, legal… how do they exchange data today and assure that its accurate and up-to-date.

b_create helps you to integrate and streamline your product development processes, by clarifying team tasks and responsibilities, gathering and centralizing data into one single platform and drastically reducing time with data and project management, which is no longer a silo effort.

Manage your product lifecycle,
from idea to commercialization

Collaborate with your teams, quickly and easily, on every aspect of product development and management.
Simplify your product development process by streamlining and integrating the flow of information, from idea to market. Provide all stakeholders with the same version of the truth and make sure everyone is aligned on tasks and responsibilities.

Increase project visibility

Keep everyone connected and trust in a single source of the truth for product information, regulation compliance, files and activities, while navigating your product development processes.

Bring quality, sustainability and process control into every part of your product lifecycle

b_create platform allows you to digitally capture and validate quality, sustainability and compliance data as product development evolves. You make sure all product requirements are ready before shipping your products.

Maintain a complete history of projects linked to your product portfolio

By Integrating and centralizing data into one single platform, you drastically simplify the process and automatically transform data into information for timely and informed decisions.

Increase client satisfaction

Ensure client satisfaction and a shorter time to market by check listing client requirements.

Wine product development platform

Liquid & Packaging Development

Packaging and liquid development involve several stakeholders and departments, from marketing and design to quality and production, winemaking and brewing…

The big challenge companies face is how to bring everyone on the same page, avoid data management mistakes and errors and keep an audit trail of everyone’s progress and overall resources.

b_create is a one-stop solution to every stakeholder in your packaging and liquid development, allowing them to collaborate along the entire process.

Manage your products’ bill of materials and other requirements from prototype to final products

Liquid specifications, material requirements and artworks are clear for everyone and you bring process control into every part of the product life cycle.

Track the history of any Item

Maintain a complete audit trail of your material requirements and follow up with all internal and legal validations. Avoid procurement and production errors and product non-conformities.

Facilitate purchasing and manufacturing processes

Through real-time product requirements and design updates, b_create helps you ensure changes are validated before placing orders.
Keep costs in check, check the latest requirements and optimize purchasing and manufacturing.

"The b_create platform brought us project end-to-end visibility, tasks traceability and planning information. It allows to work in a more collaborative way through which every team member is required to input the necessary information.

Thanks to the b_create platform, there was a significant reduction of errors."
Joaquim Mota | Esporão Project Manager


Wine and beverage companies often need to prepare and send samples for various purposes: clients, challenges, trade fairs, tastings and others. They need to make sure these samples are in conformity with requirements and shipped on-time and in compliance. At the same time, they need to control versions, approvals, costs and feedback. b_create allows you to maintain a complete history of your samples and capture all the information through its entire life-cycle, from request to shipment.
Wine Samples Logistic

Organize your samples

b_create provides a central database for all your samples (for contests, clients, fairs, tastings and other purposes), easily accessible to everyone.

Collaborate on any sample

You can register and share samples information with your internal teams, clients, distributors or other stakeholders.

Track your samples

Set tasks and reminders for reviews, approvals, testing, shipping and other important milestones.

Reduce costs

See the bigger picture of where and why your samples are going, control versions and make informed decisions.

Collaboration Tools

Create a collaborative framework and provide all stakeholders in your product development with a single, reliable platform, allowing them to work together along the entire process.
Workflow Project Management


Design your own processes to set up and streamline the flow of information.
Implement and follow standard and critical procedures and improve productivity by reducing repetitive tasks.


Create, assign and organize ad-hoc tasks. Teams can see immediately what they need to do, which tasks are a priority, and when work is due.

Chat Product Management

Integrated Chat

Create and manage conversations in context through our integrated chat. Users can comment on activities and project requirements, send attachments for approval or feedback, leave comments on artworks and many other options.


Rely on automatic notifications throughout the process: reminders or alerts on actions, conversations, milestones and others.
Users are notified via the platform notifications system and email, with immediate and easy access to the task.
You get your weekly task summary directly in your inbox.

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