From Idea to Market.

Da ideia para o mercado.

The new social and economic environment created by Covid-19 is accelerating dramatic changes on what and how consumers buy. This is a pivotal moment for companies. A time to think smartly and creatively about how they develop, market and deliver your products.  
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Take your Products to Market Better, Faster


b_create is a collaborative wine & beverage product management platform designed to help bring products to market on budget, on time and in compliance.


Clients Share Their Thoughts

We Create a One-Stop Platform to Build-on 


b_create platform allows teams to collaborate quickly and easily – across business groups and borders – on every aspect of product management, from ideation and new product development (NPD), through specifying and tracking product requirements, to validating quality and compliance every step of the way.


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You Deliver Performance

Concrete and measurable results after using b_create, checked by our clients. 


6 X Faster
to the Market

70% Less errors
and non-conformities

40% More
Projects per Year

2X More People Informed
in the Process

Your Business Overview, in Real Time

Drive better decision-making and stay on top of your projects with quick insights:

  • Time to Market

  • Ideas and Projects by type; category; brand; clients; country

  • Average project duration

  • Average task duration

And even more insights that you can discover with the data presented here.

You Create Great Products


Creating great products is what you do. We make sure best practices produce them.

An innovative mindset, quality assurance and attention to important trends is our Added Value. 

One Stop Solution for Product Management

Be more agile in your business with a dynamic, centralized platform to improve efficiency, time to market and collaboration. Simplify product development by streamlining and integrating the flow of information, from idea to market. You provide all stakeholders with the same version of the truth, and everyone is aligned on tasks and responsibilities.


Brainstorm and budget your product ideas. Review designs and product requirements, gather and evaluate feedback from different departments.
Provide marketing context and follow up with regulatory requirements and competitor comparisons.


Create, view, and manage different types of projects, while making sure all quality, regulatory and sustainability requirements are ready before shipping your products.
Integrate all your projects information: raw materials, packaging, liquid and documentation.
Automate new harvest, exports and client introductions by cloning and updating existing products.
Generate each product’s digital dossier and technical datasheet, in any language.

Product Components & Packaging Develoment

Manage your products’ bill of materials (BOM), from prototype through to final products. Integrate all liquid specifications into to each project.
Provide all stakeholders in your packaging development with a single, reliable platform and allow them to work together along the entire packaging development process.
Maintain a complete audit trail of your material requirements and bring process control into every part of the product lifecycle. Avoid procurement and production errors and product non-conformities.


Manage your sample requests for different purposes (contests, clients, tastings, trade fairs and other).
Improve samples monitoring by keeping track of all your samples shipping costs, versions and feedback.
Ensure timely and effective deliveries and collect feedback from your clients and partners, wherever they are.

Wokflow and Tasks

Define your product development workflows and follow your project’s progress in real-time.
Each collaborator is notified by email during the project, providing immediate and easy access to the task.
Rely on predefined workflows for disciplined processes as also fast iterations through tasks creation and team chat.

Todos na mesma página

Faça a gestão de toda a informação do produto numa única fonte de dados
Partilhe ficheiros e documentos num único arquivo
Integre a comunicação entre diferentes intervenientes, onde quer que estejam
Mantenha toda a equipa alinhada com tarefas e responsabilidades
Informe rapidamente os intervenientes do projeto
Monitorize procedimentos e validações
Obtenha visibilidade em tempo real dos seus projetos 

Tome decisões inteligentes

Melhore a transparência dos processos e o controlo da qualidade do produto, com dashboards intuitivos
Avalie a eficiência da empresa através de análises de desempenho
Descubra lacunas e oportunidades desenvolvimento de produtos
Gestão eficiente de prazos e orçamentos