From Idea to Market.

From idea to market.

The new social and economic environment created by Covid-19 is accelerating dramatic changes on what and how consumers buy. This is a pivotal moment for companies. A time to think smartly and creatively about how they develop, market and deliver your products.  
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Accelerate Drinks to Market


b_create is a wine & beverage product management platform designed to help bring your products to market better:
on budget, on time and ensuring quality and compliance.


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Whenever you want to deliver timely new editions, bring a new idea to life or a new opportunity to market, inform and engage your team, quickly and easily, anywhere, b_create has you covered.

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Take Your Products to Market Better, Faster

Concrete and measurable results after using b_create, checked by our clients.

6 X Faster
to the Market

70% Less errors
and non-conformities

40% More
Projects per Year

2X More
People Informed

You Create Great Products


Creating great products is what you do. We make sure best practices produce them.

An innovative mindset, quality assurance and attention to important trends is our Added Value. 

One Stop Solution for Product Management


Improve rebranding, repackaging and new product introductions by specifying, brainstorming and budgeting your product ideas.

Provide marketing context and  vision and follow up with regulatory requirements and competitor comparisons.


Quickly develop, source and update your projects information: raw materials, packaging, liquid, regulatory data and documentation.

Automate new harvest, export and client introductions by cloning and updating existing products.

Generate your product digital dossier and technical data sheets, in any language.

Everyone on the same page

Manage all product data in one single source system
Share files and documents in one single archive
Integrate different stakeholders,  wherever they are
Keep everyone aligned on tasks and responsibilities
Quickly inform project participants
Monitor procedures and validations
Get real-time visibility into your projects 


Manage your products’ bill of materials (BOM), from prototype through to final products.

Automatic cost and quantity rollup calculations.

Integrate your liquid database and associate the right liquid specifications to each project.


Manage your sample requests – for contests, clients, tastings, trade fairs and others.

You can keep track of sample’s shipping, costs, versions and feedback.

Make smart decisions

Improve process transparency and product quality control with insightful dashboards
Measure the company efficiency through relevant performance analytics
Uncover gaps and opportunities in product processes
Stay on schedule and on budget

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