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b_create is a collaborative, process integrated software platform that makes product development easier and faster
for wine, spirits and beverage companies.
From Idea to Market.

Discover How Companies Worldwide

are embracing b_create for enhanced collaboration and agile product development.

  One-Stop Platform   for Product Management

b_create streamlines the entire information flow from product conception to market launch.
It fosters collaboration among all stakeholders, including sales, marketing, production and logistics, providing real-time updates on completed tasks and remaining work for each product.

All files, designs, and validations are centralized, offering full visibility into project progress, enabling automatic reporting, and ensuring quality and regulatory compliance.

Whether it’s for new products, new harvests, enhancing existing products, customizations, or any product modifications, companies can rely on b_create to efficiently manage these projects.
Seamless collaboration and integration

Empower teams to work together, facilitate information sharing throughout every stage of product development and keep everyone alignd and on the same page.

Project end-to-end visibility

Get real-time insights into your project's status, ensuring market, client and distributor demands are met effectively, on time and on budget.

Financial projections

Keep costs in check, ensuring the latest requirements and optimizing purchasing and manufacturing.

Quality and compliance

Comply with regulations and standards and make sure they are tracked, recorded, and updated in one single source of truth.

Sustainability practices monitoring

Incorporate sustainability practices early in the concept stage, from validating your design to requirements to tracking and measuring progress against sustainability goals.

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Why companies choose b_create

Rita Nabeiro - Adega Mayor

Rita Nabeiro | Adega Mayor CEO

“Being a  native platform of our industry is a great advantage, because it addresses specific needs that we have from a procesual and compliance point of view.”

Sergio Pereira - Cio & Board Member, Esporao
Sérgio Pereira | Esporão CIO & Board Member

“b_create platform helps us to  manage our entire product creation process ensuring that all our products are ready for sale each year.”

António Filipe | Symington COO

“b_create provided with us a robust, flexible and integrated system for a core need in the company to structure our workflow when creating new products.”

Ana Machado Parras Wines Product Developer Manager
Ana Machado | Parras Wines Product Developer Manager

“b_create provides us with the confidence and flexibility we need to ensure that  products get to market with the speed, quality and compliance needed, with much less cost and effort".

Let technology and automation work for you
and free energies to re-think your business, innovate your products
and bring information transparency to your organization.

b_create empowers teams to work together, sharing information and insights easier and faster, drastically reducing time with data and project management. Companies save time and money and use their resources wisely, cutting down on unnecessary tasks, files, errors, and delays.

Take Your Products to Market  Better & Faster 

Accelerate time-to-market
Reduce product costs and non-conformities
Improve product margins
Enhance product quality and compliance.

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Less product errors

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Faster to market

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More people informed

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Time saving with data and project management

Real and measurable results, checked by our clients.

Wine & Beverage  Best Practices Built-in

Experience the advantage of integrated best practices tailored to the wine & beverage industry.
b_create platform incorporates a wealth of global industry expertise, delivering top-tier functionalities, metrics, and workflows that are preconfigured and ready to use.

Core Applications

 Projects & Components 

Product development ideas


Improve products creation by specifying and budgeting your product ideas.

Craft well-defined product concepts, from features to target audience and benchmarking. Allocate budgets with accuracy, and set the stage for successful development.


Orchestrate the full product lifecycle, from conception to market launch.

Gain complete control over your product's evolution. Streamline communication and collaboration, track progress, and ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the entire lifecycle.


Monitor all your samples from request to shipment.

Experience full-circle visibility and monitor each sample's journey from the moment of request, through iterations to final delivery. Record validations, versions, feedback and awards.

Wine product development


Centralize liquid resources and seamlessly integrate into projects.

Agrupa todos tus activos líquidos bajo en una base de datos unificada. Puedes integrar fácil y fluidamente el líquido preciso que tus proyectos demandan.

Bill of Materials

Manage your product bill of materials, from prototype to the final product.

Perfect your product with seamless prototyping.
Test, iterate, and enhance your raw materials, ensuring they align with your vision. Ensure accurate listing, tracking, and optimization of every element required.

Semi-finished Products

Easily create and reuse
semi-finished products.

Create your semi-finished goods swiftly defining and assembling its components (raw materials and liquid). Reuse them in crafting final products, adding only the needed requirements and components.

 Collaboration Tools 


Optimize and automate your product development processes.

Design different flows and configurations for different types of projects. Whether it’s a simple process or a stage gate, users are notified through the platform notifications bar and email, with immediate and easy access to the task.

Ad Hoc Tasks

Enhance flexibility, navigating unexpected twists and turns in your project journey.

b_create's ad hoc tasks allows you to create one-time, non-recurring tasks outside regular workflows, addressing unforeseen project issues. Balancing routine processes with ad hoc tasks sustains projct momentum and stability.


Store, track and share files through one single product platform.

Speed up tasks and facilitate smooth collaboration through file sharing.. Easily attach any file to a project, component, task and other, Keep all your project files, updated, in one single place,

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