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b_create is a collaborative product development and management platform designed to help wine, spirits and beverage companies bring their products to market.

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are using b_create to foster collaboration and bring agility to their product development.

Wine & Beverage Industry
 Best Practices  Built-in.

We bring a broad scope of global industry experience, for best-in-class functionalities, metrics and workflows, ready to use.
Product development ideas


Improve new product introductions by specifying and budgeting your ideas.


Manage your product lifecycle, from concept to commercialization.


Manage your products bill of materials from prototype through to final products.

Wine product development


Provide all stakeholders in your liquid development with a single, reliable platform.


Manage your samples from request to shippment and keep track of versions, feedback and validations.

Wine and beverage task automation


Define your product development workflows and follow your projects progress in real-time.

Take Your Products to Market  Better & Faster. 

Streamline your product development processes by fostering team collaboration and integrating all product information into one single, centralized platform.
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Less Product Errors

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Faster to Market

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More Projects Created

Real and measurable results, checked by our clients.

Why companies choose b_create.

Our clients trust in b_create platform to remove complexity from their product development, foster collaboration, accelerate time to market, reduce costs and errors and  improve product quality.

Rita Nabeiro - Adega Mayor
Rita Nabeiro | Adega Mayor CEO

“Being a native platform of our industry is a great advantage, because it addresses several specific needs that we have from a procesual and compliance point of view.”

Sergio Pereira - Cio & Board Member, Esporao
Sérgio Pereira | Esporão CIO & Board Member

“b_create platform helps us to manage our entire product creation process, ensuring that all our products are ready for sale each year.”

Fabio Vieira - Bacalhoa Group Portugal
Fábio Vieira | Bacalhôa Marketing Manager

“b_create is targeted to our industry, allowing a greater process and data integration throughout the development process. This allows us to be more effective in the follow-up process and in our product development.”

Ana Machado Parras Wines Product Developer Manager
Ana Machado | Parras Wines Product Developer Manager

“The integration of all necessary validations provide us with the confidence and flexibility we need to ensure that products get to market with the speed, quality and compliance needed, with much less cost and effort.

  One-Stop Platform   for Product Development and Management.

The b_create platform allows teams to collaborate quickly and easily on every aspect of product development and management, from ideation and new product development, through specifying and tracking product requirements, to validating quality and compliance, every step of the way.

Collaboration and Integration

Empower teams to work together, integrate global supply chains and accelerate your product development, while lowering risks and costs.

Project End-To-End Visibility

Simplify your product development by integrating all product information in one single platform. Transform data into information for timely and informed decisions.

Quality and Compliance

Comply with regulations and standards and make sure they are tracked, recorded, and updated in one single source of truth.


Incorporate sustainability practices early in the concept stage, from validating your design to requirements to tracking and measuring progress against sustainability goals.

bcreate platform demo

Why it is so Easy to Work with b_create.

Intentional client-collaboration is a key measure of our success and solidifies our position as the exclusive wine & beverage development and management platform to deliver peak performance seamlessly.
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