B.create is a web platform for beverage companies to streamline and accelerate product development from idea to market

Better Predictions

What are the product requirements?
How much will be produced?
When is the product ready?

Financial Forecasts

How much will the product cost?
What are the revenues and estimated profitability
What are the sales and profitability estimates?

Total Visibility

What projects are running? Where in world?
What are team members doing?
Where is the project right now?

Easy product specification

Reuse data from a reference product
Integrate liquid & dry materials needs
Manage specific requirements by country

Integrated communication

Receive system notifications by email
Clarify everything via messaging system
Share activities

Automated tasks

Automatic workflows for different projects
Different workflows by type of material
Approval notifications for internal and external users

Global projects

See where in the world the products are going
Visualize financial forecasts by country, client, distributor

All project files recorded

Upload any moment the files you need and associate them to the project

Critical information delivered

Key performance indicators through all the stages of product development

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