Welcome to the agile side of beverage creations​

Welcome to the agile side
of beverage creations

About b_create


b_create is a product development and business management platform created exclusively for the Wine and Beverage business, with expansion built-in.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve been working closely with  several wine & beverage companies, helping them to create their products better and faster. Our platform is constantly updated in collaboration with our industry clients and partners, addressing and
supporting their needs, sharing global best practices and keeping a close eye on trends, shifts and evolutions.

Powering Collaboration and Innovation


We help our clients develop their products in a collaborative platform that delivers total alignment in real time, with transparency, seamlessly integrating product development best practices with quality and sustainability goals.


We always want to know more. That’s why we ask questions: of clients, of the industries, of our competition, too. We divine best practices through real-time activity to get to a Client’s best productivity. We are as concerned for their positive growth in their metrics as we are in tracking our own.

Ana Ferreira

Founcer & CEO

Paula Garcêz

QA Manager

David Silva

Full stack Developer

Aníbal Alves

VP of Engineering

André Felix

André Felix

Software Engineer

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