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Powering Collaboration
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b_create is a product development and business management platform created exclusively for the Wine and Beverage Industry.  We help our clients develop their products in a collaborative platform that delivers total alignment in real-time, with transparency, seamlessly integrating product development best practices with quality and sustainability goals.

Our platform is constantly updated in collaboration with our industry clients and partners, addressing and supporting their needs, sharing global best practices, and keeping a close eye on trends, shifts and evolutions.

Our Story

I heard this signature business complaint over and over from clients all over the world – How can we work better together as a team to take products from start to finish in a more integrated and collaborative way? I had an optimal vantage point to listen to and analyze this challenge from diverse perspectives, working alongside C-Suite executives within global consultancy companies. The idea of engaging everyone on a product development team, seamlessly, was a problem that stayed with me; and one I knew I had to resolve.

After spending more than 15 years working with different technologies, teams, and industries, I knew how to solve the problem conclusively and fluently and worked on creating the solution exclusively. The result is b_create, a product development and management platform that operates seamlessly with collaboration and integration built right into it. It is the culmination of diverse learnings and practices, enriched constantly by working with clients to bring their best ideas to life. Collaboration with Integration guides the b_create platform and produces a level of consistency, transparency, and peak productivity second to none in the industry.

We understood from the start that where we are from is very much at the core of who we are. Portugal is a small country with a pioneering spirit, home to some of the world’s most recognized wines. Working closely in collaboration with Portugal’s finest wine companies gave us an unprecedented level of access and experience on all levels of product development and management.

With our trademark agility built-in and sustainability, a critical part of our platform architecture, we are actively positioned to expand into the global wine and beverage markets as a premier development-management platform built on the idea of total team engagement, collaboration, and integration.


Ana Ferreira, B.Create CEO

Leadership Team

We divine best practices through real-time activity to get to a Client’s best productivity. We are as concerned for their positive growth in their metrics as we are in tracking our own.

Ana Ferreira

Founder & CEO

Paula Garcêz

QA Manager

Aníbal Alves

VP of Engineering

Ana Ferreira

Founcer & CEO

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